Top 10 Most Annoying Types of People on the Internet

Top 10 Most Annoying Types of People on the Internet The internet is a wonderful yet strange place at times, and while the positives far outweigh the negatives, you can encounter some really strange people while spending your time online. Some of these people can be intense, while others can be quite annoying, some of them cheerful, while others gloomy.

No matter what you get up to, while on the internet, you’d have met at least one of the types of people I have mentioned below:
Top 10 Most Annoying Types of People on the Internet

1. Trolls

Yes, the one we’re all too familiar with. No longer are these people associated with living in some dank location, now we get to endure them, every time we read comments under anything of any note; because these people have nothing better to do with their lives.

2. Racists

These people are amongst the most annoying online, mainly because of how egotistical they are. Racist people in general, follow the belief that they are better than others on account of their race. In the past we’ve had some positive developments moving people away from such thinking, the election of Barack Obama for example, but when you look back at it, it’s hard to determine whether it actually helped or made things worse.

3. Nagging Friends

Logging onto your email account, only to find that the same friend has emailed you at least ten times, and sent you seven private messages; the same friend who proceeds to apologise for nagging you. We understand that it can be quite frustrating online, sending someone a message and not receiving anything back, instantly, but the reality is that, there are times when we’re just not online.

4. New Internet Users

Usually these people tend to be old. They start out by posting messages to Facebook walls and asking people questions which could easily be answered with a simple Google search. But we were all once new to the internet, so you can’t blame them.

5. Atheists

Some of these atheists can be very annoying about their stance in life. The ones that never bring up religion, are fine to be around and interact with, but the other ones, the ones that say “Well, there is no God, and if you are someone who believes there is, rather than me accepting your right to believe that, I’m going to write an essay about why the Bible was written by the last president of USA” or something to that effect. Some of them are more annoying than others, of course.

It’s like they’re more interested in getting others to take their position in life, rather than living their own lives.

6. The Immoral Ones

In those unseen areas of the internet, and sometimes in the most common places online, there are those users that are always voicing their depressing opinions, horrible insults and violent imageries. They want others to believe that they are brave and proud. When in actuality, they’re just showing everyone how displeasing they are as people.

7. The Debaters

Have you ever posted something on either your Facebook wall or a forum, only for you to latter regret it, as conversations take on a new dimension? You may not have given it much thought, when you made the comment, but there’s always that chance that a knowledgeable someone could read it and go on a tangent about why what you said shouldn’t have been said.

8. Gamers

Gamers tend to be very passionate individuals, who get enjoyment out of one of the most lucrative markets in the entertainment industry. These people can be very pleasant at first, until you say something that classes you as a “noob”, or until you make a stand on which you prefer, the Playsation or the Xbox. Such conversations have been known to go on for days.

9. Celebrity Stalkers

These are the kinds of people that beg celebrities to notice them. They may use a number of different techniques. A common one is the comment “I wonder if they are aware of me?” their attempt to lure the celebrity into personally acknowledging them.

10. Those With Public Drama

People who fight on Facebook can be quite entertaining to watch, similar to watching a Jerry Springer show on your laptop. These conversations are rarely if ever censored or edited and can get belligerent, very fast. However, these feuds tend to be less fun when it involves someone in your family.

Guest Post by:

Uchenna Ani-Okoye is a former IT Manager who now runs his own computer support website where he writes about computer related issues.


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