4 Reasons Why Users Still Prefer Android Over Ios in 2018

4 Reasons Why Users Still Prefer Android Over Ios in 2018

Android and IOS are available in both the most popular mobile OS options, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. However, their focus on the qualifications and limitations.This option creates a cell for Android and shows why Android says its rival is released.

More, it demonstrated its Android user's friendship than its competitors. Android is a complete freedom to permit its customers, he says; Don't you like it? Change it. If your Android experience is not good, you can adjust your experience. For example, if you don't like your home screen, it would look suitable and sexy for your eyes. If you don't like your gallery, you can change the quick picture. If you don't like your music player and other media players to change it.

In addition, you have freedom of access stored by File Manager. Similarly, gesture recognition, manual camera mode, multiple Windows, expandable battery, and Android and IOS are widely available in many aspects.

Another important thing about Android is that it comes with a variety of shapes, sizes, and color. The phones are fascinating and easy to maintain in these different formats. This device design, designed for absolute elegance and easy to maintain. The screen size varies from device to device, but the average size is 5 to 5.5 inches. However, tablets with high screens can be seen by users more clearly and read.

1: Customization:

Customizing the settings for your preference is one of the key features of making the best Android features. Android allows you to create a custom home screen when Android does not offer such an option. Similarly, many of the items on Android are flexible and compatible with users ' needs, but most are in iOS since there are locked features in iOS, iOS stands for the organization in its place.

2:Install apps from any source:

Only the ability to install applications from the App store blocks various threats and attacks, but Android users are expected to leave this decision for each user's decision.

Android lets you download the APk file from any third-party source and can be installed from the Google Play store for simple use. These smart Android smartphones also run all kinds of apps intended to run. The same process is possible in IOS (unofficial) but to do so users jailbreak their phone.

3: The developers can access the market:

Now, Android users have to pay $25 to publish any applications they want. However, Apple has a $ 99 fee (annual fee) from a user. It seems clear that financial barriers are not so hard on Android. This relief allows the developer to create additional applications without ending the final financial pressures. Investments are easily restored.

With the help of monetization through ads and in-app purchases, this goal will be fulfilled. In addition, these applications are created by default with the size-matched-all approach used by the user. This option is easy on Android; What device the user wants to use. It will not work on all Android devices, but most of them do not have any problems.

4: Expanding memory:

Expandable memory is provided on most Android phones. All you have to do is open the card (on the page or slot) and insert the micro SD card. Apple, however, would let you pay extra $ 100 to upgrade their devices from 16GB to 32GB or 64GB more than you allow. Android knows clearly that everything you need to know is a memory card, no improvement, no cost. A memory card is not very expensive, you can easily change your phone storage system and use it according to your needs. However, Android device's memory cannot be changed and can not be moved.In addition, your Android device can safeguard a number of security software, such as a locker-like package and application.


Android has many advantages, which include affordable, user-friendly, shape and scale customization. In addition, many software (s) retain themselves with Android and iOS devices. Do not worry if you do not enjoy smartphones running Android; Now is the time to do! Will try.


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