Apps You Must Have In Your Apple Watch In 2018

Apps You Must Have In Your Apple Watch In 2018

Apps You Must Have In Your Apple Watch In 2018

There is no room of doubt when we discuss about the expanding popularity of Apple watch among the people. Be it the young generation or the professional individuals, everyone is so inclined towards the technical aspects of the watch.
Similar to the iPhone, apple watch also keeps on upgrading with its features in every release. This new launch of Apple watch 3 is truly dedicated to bringing the most accomplished smart technology in your wrist.  These apps are helpful in adding excellence in different horizons of life. These apps are easy to access and are quick to use.

So, if you have already bought the wrist watch or is in the loop to make a purchase, here is the quick insight of what all apps can be installed to make your purchase more worth.


The best workout tracker app is now compatible and easy to use in your apple watch series 3. This app includes inherited GPS that intends to track the running and cycling. The tested app measures the distances covered while carrying out the activity and results are pretty much reliable. Another benefit of having this app in your watch is that it is a standalone app. This is one, among the best app you must have in your watch.


Apps You Must Have In Your Apple Watch In 2018

This app is the best in the category of sports. This will update you with the regular updates of sports and you can follow your favourite team. You will be aware of news alerts of the sports.


This app will help you to maintain notes in the app. This app will give you a chance to note down the important details that could be used in your daily life. Each of your tiny details could be kept in that app and will give you an access to the quick notes.


It is a type of well being app that will help you to keep a regular check on your health. In today’s time, it is very necessary to take a proper regulation of your health and you can keep a strict eye on your vitals. It is a must app that can help you to keep a track on your health status.


Apps You Must Have In Your Apple Watch In 2018

Calculator is a must have app that can help you to keep you smart with the smart calculations. This app will create an easy access to the mathematic calculations.

Just Press Record

The productivity app will enhance the productivity of your app. It is an efficient app that helps to tap record button, capture some audio, stop recording and your audio. This will get automatically get transferred to the cloud.

City Mapper

This app will help you to get precise and clear instructions of a particular area. City Mapper is a must. You can get the clear instructions of the detailed area and the available transport in the particular area. It can guide you with ETA and directions of the area. If you are new to the city, this app will work as a precise information supplier to you.  It is a must app that you should install in your apple watch.

If you are a technology savvy, apple watch is a smart buy. The above- mentioned apps are meant to increase efficiency and quality of life. From health to fitness, every horizon of life is well suited with these apps. Apple has its own charm that never fades. And with the growth of technology, Apple is on a journey to find the excellence through its apps.

Article by Lisa Coffey 
Lisa Coffey is a writer by profession. She is creating and managing digital content to build relationships for organizations and individuals.

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