Understanding SEO: What You Need To Know

Understanding SEO: What You Need To Know

Many people get confused when it comes to SEO, both in terms of how they can use it in their
business, and how it works. SEOjury.co.uk provide solutions to some of the most confusing aspects
when it comes to SEO, including what to do and what not to, how it can work for your business, tips
and tricks and more.
For some people, understanding what SEO is is confusing in itself. The term stands for search engine
optimisation, and is the process of getting organic traffic directed towards your site with the help of
search engines. The more your site is optimised for SEO the better, because your site will appear
further up the ranking in a search engine search when certain keywords are used.
Companies may not take this into consideration when building a website, yet it is vitally important
for them to get the traffic that they need. Studies have shown that the top 5 results on search
engines like google get 75% off the click throughs, and anything below this will receive considerably
less. As soon as you are not on the first page of a search engine, you have very little chance of
getting the traffic at all.
So what can you do to make sure that your site is SEO friendly?
Relevant content- the content plays a big part of a website, and can be the difference between a
successful and a failed website. The key thing to remember when putting content on a site is that it
must be high quality, relevant, and in line with both the brand and the audience. It must also be
updated regularly to keep the site new and interesting, and keep visitors coming back for more.
Good Quality Images- Surprisingly, the quality of the images that appear on a site actually do make a
difference to SEO. If a high quality image is used correctly with good labelling and captioning, it can
help to keep users engaged and give off a good user experience, this is not only what google is
looking for, but it will also keep visitors coming back for more.
Links- The more links there are from other sites to yours, the better. This will show Google that your
site has authority in the website world, as other sites deem it good enough to use in their own. It will
also encourage more visitors the site as there are an increased number of ways that the site can now
be accessed.
Title Tags- These are what tells the search engine what the page as a whole is about, and that it is
relevant to the keywords that are used. These should be made unique for every page. When a user
searches for those keywords, these will be highlighted which increases not only click through rate,
but also visibility.
Header Tags and Keyword Phrases- A header tag could also be describes as the subject line of a web
page, and should include a keyword. There can be multiple header tags if there are different sections
to a page.
Meta Descriptions- These are not as important as they once were when it comes to search engine
optimisation, but are great for getting users to click through onto your web page from the results
page of a search engine. They should make use of keywords but also be compelling and make a user
interested enough to click on it and through to the web page. Words that users have searched for
will again be highlighted in the meta description.
There are so many ways that companies can give their site better SEO, they just have to find the
methods that work best for them.


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