Inspire yourself with HTML Canvas Cheat Sheet

Inspire yourself with HTML Canvas Cheat Sheet

 The canvas element is one of the most widely used tools in HTML for a reason - it makes so many jobs easier to do. For everyone from graphic designers to animators, the potential to make your work more efficient is huge.

The basic element acts as a container for the scripts you can use to make your job easier. You will still have to have a solid understanding of the HTML5 and Javascript code that underlies the work. One very convenient way to do this is to use the Canvas cheat sheet have created.

All developers have run into the problem of not having perfect recall of a tool they learned about several months ago but haven't had to use since. Most of the time, it makes sense to create yourself a personalized cheat sheet, since you will be revisiting that tool. But with canvas, it is so widely used that you can take a lot of value from this pre-fabricated cheat sheet.

Creating your own canvas cheat sheet means you can always remember how to use the tools that you need the most. On the flip side, using someone else's cheat sheet means you constantly know all the most useful parts of the element. This means that there could be tools you haven't used before, but because of the cheat sheet, you try them out and see if they have value-adding potential to your work.

What we are advocating for here is the use of the cheat sheet not just as a method of jogging your memory, but as a form of inspiration. New ideas come from everywhere, and it helps to be reminded of all the different things you can try.

Article by Colin Cieloha

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