Best accessories for the iPhone

Best accessories for the iPhone

Best accessories for the iPhone
It seems that there is nothing more to invent for the iPhone, but various creative companies continue to work in this field and keep pleasing us with very interesting phone accessories that make our lovely iPhones even more attractive. So today we will show you some brilliant ideas of additional devices for your iPhone.
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Countertop Prep Pad
Orange Chef company chose a charming specialization: it is creating kitchen accessories for Apple products. Among their products we can mention a cutting board where you can insert your iPad, and protective films for iPhone to look at the recipes while cooking. But all this is nothing compared to the Countertop Prep Pad.

Best accessories for the iPhone counter top prep pad

It weighs products, from which you choose to cook the dish, and through the application provide the information on the nutritional value of future meals (how many calories, fats, proteins and carbohydrates) and gives personal recommendations about what ingredients you should add or exclude. It is ideal for people who are already monitoring their health using a FitBit or a Jawbone. The company won`t stop: it wants all the ordinary objects in the kitchen were as intelligent as this tabletop.

It is known that smartphones and other wireless devices are a source of electromagnetic radiation. Pong cases are designed to douse this radiation. The company claims that their cases douse from 60 to 95% of the radiation, and research conducted by the Wired magazine confirm these statements.
Best accessories for the iPhone pong

Outwardly Pong is no different from the other cases for smartphones, but it reflects the area that usually leans to the human head, collects the radio signal in one bunch and sends it to a relay. Pong cases can be purchased at the manufacturer's site, they cost from $50 to $100. They are suitable not only for all models of the iPhone and iPad, but also for Android and BlackBerry.

iRig is a device which allows you to connect your electric guitar and bass guitar to the iPhone and turn it into a real sound studio. iRig includes full kit for guitar recording: tuner, effects pedals, microphones, various amplifiers and cabinets. The device comes with the specific professional applications for iOS by AmpliTube company.

                         Best accessories for the iPhone iRig

There are many options for protective cases for the iPhone on the market, but only a few of them have additional functionality. Watershot not only protects the phone from the water, but also allows you to take high-quality pictures of the underwater world at depths of up to 40 meters.

Best accessories for the iPhone water shot


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