Discovering How to Use Dropbox In HTML Hosting

Discovering How to Use Dropbox In HTML Hosting

Dropbox is considered amongst the most notable and widely adopted application by most mobile users these days. Although, it is much more efficient, but its implementation is highly done for cloud backup purposes by users in order to preserve data. The service makes it possible for users to create a folder on their end, the data put into which is then synched with Dropbox. Therefore, letting users access the same data/files from anywhere using the application on desktop, smartphone, or Tablet via Dropbox App. Now considering that, the concept of Dropbox is transparent enough we will now precede with the next best thing one can do with the help of Dropbox, i.e. hosting web page and further sharing the public URL to them with others. The possible way to it is described below to avoid doing the same thing with the help of commercial applications.

Create the Web Page You Desire
Before starting with how to host the web pages, you need to create one first. And in order to prepare for that start with creating HTML documents, along with scripts, styling sheets, images and whatever is required for generating the web page as a complete.
If in case the site development requires usage of languages like; ASP.NET or PHP, etc., locally run the page on the machine used and save it from the browser is used as a - web page, i.e. HTM or HTML-like shown below:

Doing this will save the web page as an HTML format file along with corresponding files into a separate folder. Following segment is exemplification purpose that explains the concept clearly:

Sync With Dropbox
Once the needed documents for hosting web page have been prepared, they can be published to the Dropbox. Create a new Public folder and publish the files/documents to this folder.
NOTE: Use the web interface for this purpose or copy it to the local folder created on your machine for Dropbox. Doing this will automatically synchronize the files online.

Get the Online URL
Get the URL to be shared after the files have been uploaded successfully. This can be done either by using the context menu, which appears on right clicking on any of the uploaded files or from the Dropbox site. This can be achieved by the following what is mentioned below:
  • Local Dropbox Directory: Right Click on the HTML -> Click on “Dropbox” ->Choose “Copy public link”

On computer

On website
  • Dropbox Site: Go to the directory to which files were uploaded -> Right Click on the HTML -> Click on “Copy public link”

Copy the Link

At The End
Once the generated link is copied, paste it on the browser and try processing it. Doing this will provide access to the hosted web page on Dropbox. Therefore, you have today learnt a new way of using the services of Dropbox besides Cloud backup and online storage of essential data for security reasons. Hosting a website using Dropbox service has a huge benefit from business perspective as this facility lets you instantly share a website with your customer (for instance) and get the design finalized on the spot instead of providing screenshots of it for updating them with the progress made.

Author: Peter has experience more than 20 years in IT industry and he is now working with an expert data recovery firm. He has quality expertise in the Office products especially in Microsoft Outlook and love to solve users query by providing excellent solutions.


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