Jostle To Provide Access To World Wide Web


There are 4.4 billion people that are currently without access to the World Wide Web in the world. This is the reason why tech and communication companies like Google, Space X and Facebook are investing massively in sophisticated technology to reach this 4.4 billion people. 
Google is deploying tech balloons, Facebook is using drones while Space X is sending satellites to the sky. Each one of these projects is gulping billions of dollars.


Google is a lead-company when it comes to technology innovation. Google’s project loon started in 2013 and it aims to beam internet signals from balloons to faraway locations in different parts of the world. These balloons can spend as long as 75 days in the sky. Google is not stopping there, it is also looking at installing drones.


Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook is making sure that his platform does not lag behind. Facebook is going the drone way. That’s using unmanned drones to send signals down to earth. The drones would arguably be the size of a Boeing 747 and it is projected to fly for years in the sky. The Facebook drones are already being tested in the United Kingdom while the United States and other parts of the world would have to wait till 2016 for the test. Facebook is also using to provide internet access to mobile phones.


Not to be side-lined in the race to provide internet access across the globe, Space X is planning to send 700 tiny satellites into space. Each satellite would weigh 1.3 kg at a whooping cost about 1 billion dollars. They will send signals to subscribers on their platform.

Soon, complaints about lack of internet access would be a thing of the past as the Facebook and Google projects are at a very advanced stage while that of Space X is at its birth phase.  The pioneers are guaranteed of juicy returns when these drones, balloons and satellites start sending internet signals to different parts of the world. This project is important because the world is now gravitating towards the internet! So, internet access in every nooks and crannies of the world is non-negotiable.


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