The Infinix Zero x506 Specs and Details

The Infinix Zero x506 Specs and Details

Inifinix already has a foothold in the mobile market with their wide range of mobile phones, from the 

Infinix Buzz to the Infinix Diamond. Their phones are pretty standard running differing versions of Android, but what sets them apart is their price. Although they’re a little bit more expensive than most Tecno phones, the specifications found on most of their phones would cost almost double if they were found on a Samsung, HTC or Apple model. So Infinix is the definition of bang for your buck. I’ll focus on one of their later models, the Infinix Zero X506 here, and why I love it. 

Here are the specs:

-          Runs Android 4.4.2
-          1.4GHz octa-core processor
-          1GB Ram
-          5” display
-          13MP rear camera, 2MP front camera
-          8GB internal storage
-          1,920 mAh battery

Right off the bat, the phone looks gorgeous, it’s incredibly thin at roughly 8mm and looks like it costs three times the price it actually is. The 5” display is large, yet the phone doesn’t feel unwieldy in your hands. In fact, it feels the opposite, incredibly comfortable and natural.

The camera is a blessing, taking great pictures both in bright and in dark conditions. The front camera however is slightly disappointing at a measly 2MP, most pictures are blurred. A shame really.

The phone runs on an outrageous octa-core processor, meaning any app you run will run insanely smoothly. You’d think that this makes the battery life run out very quickly, but you’d be wrong. Although the battery is only 1,920 mAh (whereas most other Android phones have a 2,500 mAh battery), the phone will last a decent 12 with normal use (texting, occasional phone call), which isn’t bad if you’re willing to charge your phone every night.

The only major complaint people usually have with this phone is the battery life. Under heavy use battery life shaves down to around 6-10 hours, which to me isn’t a problem seeing as I only use my phone for texts and calls, but to some this could be a deal breaker.

Despite the above, I would highly recommend this phone due to the sheer value for money. The specs are great and the price even better. If you’re interested in the Infinix series, check out links like this one to find whichever one tickles your fancy.


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