Latest List Of Airtel Nigeria Data Bundle Plans, Price, Activation Codes & Validity Periods

Latest List Of Airtel Nigeria Data Bundle Plans, Price, Activation Codes & Validity Periods

Newest List Of Airtel Nigeria Data Bundle Plans, Price, Activation Codes & Validity Periods

Hello wesaytech readers,

To add to the published posts on data plans, I am introducing to you all the various Airtel Nigeria data plans just in case you have been thinking of how to subscribe for an Airtel Data Plan to stay connected with your friends and the world as a whole through the world wide web.

The Airtel Data Plan is a pocket friendly package but we still need more from Airtel Nigeria.

For my Blackberry users, you can check for details on the Airtel Nigeria BIS  subscription prices here

Without slacking our unelastic time, in this post, I intend listing every Airtel Data Plan, their activation codes and prices

List of Airtel Data Plan, price, activation code, validity period

Culled from Airtel Nigeria

The following shows the list of Airtel data plans and the  varying ways to activate 
PlanData Allowance (NORMAL)Data Allowance (CURRENT)Retail Price (N)(Data RCV, EPIN & ERC) DenominationValidity periodUSSD Activation CodeSMS Activation CodeMAMO Activation CodePrepaidPostpaid
Trial1MB1MB0-1 day*141*13*1#Trial-x
Entry4MB6MB50-1 day*141*11*9#Entry14191x
Daily10MB15MB100991 day*141*11*1#Daily14154x
3-day25MB40MB200-3 days*141*11*8#Three14192x
Weekly50MB70MB300-7 days*141*11*2#Weekly14193x
Easy80 MB120MB50049914 days*141*11*3#Easy14151x
Top-Up100 MB100 MB600------
786 plan125 MB125 MB786-30 days*141*11*786#78614194x
Lite200MB260MB1,00099930 days*141*11*4#Lite14150x
Midi250 MB325MB1,300-30 days*141*11*5#Midi14153x
Smartphone1500MB650MB2,0001,99930 days*141*11*6#Smart114152
Smart phone 21GB1.3GB3,0002,99930 days*141*11*7#Smart214156
Plus3GB3.9GB5,0004,99930 days*141*12*1#plus14155
Max5GB6.6GB8,000-30 days*141*12*2#max14196
Premium10GB13.3GB15,000-30 days*141*12*3#premium14197
Prime15GB19.9GB22,000-30 days*141*12*7#prime-x
Day150MB150MB500-24 hours*141*12*5#day14195x
Night Time (Off  Peak)3GB3.9GB2,500-30 days*141*12*4#night-x
Weekend3GB3.9GB3,000-30 days*141*12*6#weekend-x
To Check Data Usage---*141*11*0#status

  1. 30% BONUS (EXTRA) on plans highlighted in yellow- Lite, Midi,  Smartphone1, Smartphone2, Plus, Max, Premium & Prime- customers who take  up these plans also get to call at 18 kobo per second
  2. Up to 60% bonus for plans highlighted in red- Entry, Daily, 3-day,  Weekly & Easy
  3. Up to 50% BONUS on data bundles is available if you recharge with  a Data Recharge Card, EPIN or ERC-visit an Airtel shop near you or the  nearest retailer.. Offer applicable till stocks last.
  4. To subscribe for a data bundle plan via USSD, dial the  associated string e.g. *141*11*4# to activate the Lite plan
  5. To subscribe for a data bundle plan vis SMS, send the associated  SMS keyword to 141 e.g. lite to 141
  6. To subscribe for a data bundle plan via MAMO, dial the  associated string e.g. 14150 to activate
  7. Postpaid plans can be activated by contacting an Airtel staff  (called a KAM) or by walking into any Airtel retail shop for directions on the  associated modalities

RECCOMMENDATIONS: Because we value our customers, the  following are our recommendations
  1. For Mobile phones, subscribe to any of the following: Entry,  Daily, 3-day, Weekly, Easy, 786-plan, Lite or Midi plans
  2. For Smartphones/Tablets, subscribe to any of the following:  Smartphone1, Smartphone2, Plus or Max plans
  3. For Dongles/MiFi/Routers, subscribe to any of the following plans:  Smartphone1, Smartphone2, Plus, Max, Premium or Prime plans
  4. The Day, Night Time or Weekend plans are suited for subscribers  who require data use for specific purposes and consume such data quickly

Hope this helps my Airtel Nigeria visitors. You can always check back for updates concerning your beloved Nigerian telecommunication companies

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