Amazing Way To Run Apple iOS App On Windows PC

Amazing Way To Run Apple iOS App On Windows PC

Hello WESAYTECH readers,

Apple, no doubt has very awesome apps that make many other non-apple users want to  get an apple product just to make use of them.

But did you know you could play that apple iOS game on your windows PC? Did you know you can access that apple iOS App on your friends ipad, right on your windows computer?

I guess not!

It is very possibe my friends! It is very possibe to run Apple iOS apps on Windows computer.

A reminder...I know the tutorial I wrote on how to use android apps on Windows PC helped and its still helping a lot of people.

In today's post, I want you to know you do not need covet those with ipads or even iphones be it the oldest iphone or the newest iphone 5s or iphone 5c.

Why I say this is because there is one simple way on how to run Apple iOS Apps On Windows Computers which I am going to show you.

Running apple iOS apps on windows computer is really fun.

There might be other ways to run Apple iOS apps on Windows computer but I just intend showing you one of my newly discovered ways.

To Run various apple iOS apps on your windows PC, let me introduce to you ipadian!
Amazing Way To Run Apple iOS App On Windows PC

What Can I Get From The ipadian software ?

1. iPadian will simulate all the functions and settings of the iPad on a Windows computer, thus allowing users enjoy the iPad experience without owning such a device.

2. Access free music and videos

3. Custom Apps stores

4. Social chat, Facebook and webkits browser

How Can I Get The ipadian Software For PC ?

1. Search Google for ipadian Software or just Click here to download the app

2. Extract the app on your desktop and run the set up

Make sure you have Adobe Air running on your PC to be able to use the ipadian software effectively.

Once the set up completes, lunch the app and start to use.

Enjoy iPad experience while on windows by running iPad apps on your PC.

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