How To Track Your Misplaced Or Stolen Blackberry Smartphone

How To Track Your Misplaced Or Stolen Blackberry Smartphone

Hello wesaytech readers,

Are you scared you might forget your Blackberry smartphone at a party you going to? Scared of forgetting your Blackberry in a public car? Scared of forgetting it at your class? Then you need this post!

Here’s what you’ve got to do to get it back.

Some people might know this already and even found their lost smartphones by this means but anyways I proceed

We want to zoom in on simply finding your lost Blackberry.

BlackBerry Protect is a fantastic tool that has been baked into BB10, and will be familiar to many older BlackBerry owners. The personal security suite provides everything you need to find your phone’s GPS location, lock the screen, have it ring, or even wipe everything from its memory.

It’s a pretty straightforward tool to use, and combined with the prudent decision of setting a device password, you shouldn’t worry too much about any personal information falling into the hands of some random stranger.

How Can I Setup Blackberry Protect To Find My Lost BB?

The first step is taking the right precautions and setting up Protect before you lose your BlackBerry
How Can I Setup Blackberry Protect To Find My Lost BB?

1. From the home screen, swipe down from the top, and tap settings.

2. Now scroll down and tap BlackBerry Protect.

3. Switch the BlackBerry Protect toggle to on.

4. Go to the Location Services button, and make sure Location Services is enabled there.

Now, your Blackberry Protect is on and working perfectly and can save you the headache of losing your smartphone but I guess this is bad news for Blackberry criminals.

What If I Finally Lose My Blackberry Smartphone?

1. Go to on the first browser you can get hold of after you must have lost your BlackBerry.

2. Log in using your BlackBerry ID credentials
     * These are the same ones you set when you first booted up your Z10, Q10, or Q5, and the same      
        password you use to authenticate BlackBerry World purchases.

3. It’s a simple matter of clicking View Location from the menu items in the web browser.
How To Track Your Misplaced Or Stolen Blackberry Smartphone

Any Setbacks In Using The Blackberry Protect?

Yes! I won't lie to you. Below are the two setbacks with the Blackberry Protect App

It might take awhile to get a lock so be patient

You may be out of luck if your BlackBerry’s battery is dead or if the thief was smart enough to switch it off, so pray for that not to happen but once the thief boots the phone back on, you can catch him!

Go on, leave your Blackberry at the bar, in BRT, at the airport wherever! Uhmmm... don't do that! Just kidding

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  1. Well, there is a simpler way to find your phone by IMEI tracker online.


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