Want To Run Your Android App On PC? Here's How To

Want To Run Your Android App On PC Here's How To


Want To Run Your Android App On PC? Here's How To

Hello WESAYTECH.COM readers,

Have you ever been in the blues wondering how To Run Your downloaded Android App right on your PC?

Probably, you might have wanted to have a wider view of your whatsapp messenger or easy search and view of Youtube videos?

It is very possible my friends!

With a very wide range of apps on the google play market, one has the chance to flex different apps free or paid right there on PC.

Here is the thing, to be frank with you, some apps might not be compatible while using this method but all the same, I know very well you will surely enjoy this.

How Can I Run Android Apps On PC

Here is the real deal!

There is no special android App to help you do this but we will use an emulator

1. Go on and download bluestacks or intel AppUp. Any of these two emulators will help
2. Install the software on your Pc and Run them
3. You can see a search box there in the software.

4. Just you need to enter the application name which you want to play.

If you have downloaded the .Apk file which i have mentioned it in first process then open
.Apk file by using any of these emulators.

Now you can enjoy the android apps on your mobile phone's and pc too

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