How To Start Samsung Galaxy S4 In Safe Mode?

How To Start Samsung Galaxy S4 In Safe Mode

How To Start Samsung Galaxy S4 In Safe Mode?

Hello wesaytech readers,

For one reason or the other, we install various apps, necessary and unnecessary ones which results in our Samsung S4 smartphones to start hanging or getting really slow.

It could be very frustrating at times and I am a big witness to this.

Sometimes, it gets really bad that you can't even uninstall the "stupid" apps causing your Smartphone to hang

I set out to figure out a means at which to uninstall this apps and I figured the best means will be to start my Samsung Galaxy smartphone in SAFE MODE

How do I start my Samsung Galaxy S® 4 in Safe Mode?

You can boot up your device in Safe Mode if you wish to troubleshoot whether or not added applications are causing problems with the device. Safe mode will load only basic system software.

How do I start my Samsung Galaxy S® 4 in Safe Mode?

1. Switch off the your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone S4.

2. Wait for atleast 5 seconds and at most 8 seconds

3. Press and hold the Power key for one or two seconds to turn on the device again.

4. When the Samsung logo displays, quickly press and hold the Volume down key until the lock screen is displayed.

When the Lock screen is displayed, notice the Safe mode is displayed in the lower-left corner of the screen. To exit Safe mode, restart your device.

To help us get rid of the apps? 

If your device is working properly in safe mode, uninstall third-party applications or app updates using the Application Manager.

To access the app, from the Home screen,

press Menu Menu key 
Click> Settings Settings Shortcut 
Click> More Settings More Tab Icon 
Click > Application manager Settings Application Manager Icon

If necessary, touch the DOWNLOADED tab.

Touch the application in the list. Touch Uninstall > OK.

Note: Applications preloaded on your device cannot be uninstalled; you can uninstall any updates you have applied by touching Uninstall updates > OK.

Hope this helps!

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